Phoenix Construction understands that when it comes to commercial building projects, time is money. You need your business up and running as quickly as possible to start turning your investment. Phoenix will work with you to do the proper planning up front, arriving at a negotiated price that will get your building designed and constructed on time and on budget. Any savings are passed along to you and you’ll never pay an extra percentage for changes.

From wineries and hobby barns to medical offices and specialty retail, Phoenix delivers the same quality and timeliness associated with all of our construction projects. We schedule every build based on the best work methods to get the job done in the best timeframe. We stay on top of vendor production times (in the case of steel buildings, etc.) and have access to local stonemasons, antique timber, and other specialty subcontractors as needed. And most importantly, Phoenix has the staff experience to oversee it all.

Contact Phoenix Construction and get your commercial building project started today.