Dark, Sweet, and Home-Brewed: Texas Oil and Gas Makes Payroll

Unlike some early 19th-century author penning tales by the light of a whale oil lamp, we lounge in front of our “fire-powered” laptop computers encased in plastic, right after motoring to our favorite coffee shop. As we linger and scroll, electrons fire and dance, captured and distributed by the whirled wild web, which some estimates predict could use 20 percent of the world’s electricity by 2025. And, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (E.I.A.), some 63 percent of the electricity we consumed in 2017 was derived from fossil fuel, per U.S. Electricity Sources.

Like an ancient nectar of the gods, oil has fueled modern civilization for the last century-and-a-half. From transportation and your cache of electronics, to carpet, clothing, and cosmetics, products derived from petroleum shape our world. If you take fossil fuel out of the equation, your home or office would probably be pretty empty, and you might find yourself sitting on a dirt floor. And bicycling to work (what a tragedy that would be to endure).

We roam landscapes filled with 24/7 light, heat, A/C, Netflix, and hot water. Life is pretty sweet.

At Phoenix Construction, we’re proud to provide construction services that serve U.S. oil and gas production — and all Americans. In fact, our brand was born in the oilfields of South Texas. With a core focus on building rugged, pre-engineered steel buildings for oil and gas production and maintenance, along with chemical and treater-plant buildings, we’ve earned a solid reputation within the industry. Phoenix Construction Services has gained the experience to become the best, most efficient industrial builder in Texas and Oklahoma (just ask our customers).

Regardless of your political stripes, environmental concerns, or other considerations, it’s important to realize that humans are not fixin’ to go off-grid. We’ll diversify and improve our energy infrastructure, but oil and gas will continue to help power civilization for the foreseeable future. So, why is it important to tap into and refine our “jurassic brew” right here in the U.S.A.? From embargo imbroglios to the carbon footprint of imported carbon fuels, it’s complicated. It would require many hours of scrolling, talking to oilmen (and women), geologists, politicians, and economists worldwide to begin to understand all the nuances.

Reason number one is the economy. After all, we’re not swirling crude oil in our wine glasses, poetically waxing about its bouquet and viscosity. One thing Americans want, and too seldom seem to get, are goods made in the U.S.A., and the resulting jobs. We like independence and getting things done for ourselves. That’s the American way. If ever there was a place that epitomizes that attitude, it’s Texas, the state that’s often top-of-mind when many of us think of oil. Texas and the Gulf of Mexico lead the country in oil production. The Permian basin in West Texas and New Mexico is one of our richest repositories of legacy oil and shale. U.S. Energy Secretary and Texan, Rick Perry, tweeted this in June of 2018:

“America is the world leader in oil and gas production because of American ingenuity, American innovation, and hardworking Americans across the country.”

Another thing that’s as American as apple pie is that we don’t like being charged a penny more than is absolutely necessary. The U.S. energy boom has brought down prices significantly from those we were paying at the pump 10 years ago.

Look to Phoenix Construction, and Phoenix Excavation Services. We do ground control for our oil services expertise, construction management, land clearing, commercial excavating, and commercial building and development. We’re also leaders in precast solutions, including parking structures. U.S. born and Texas-honed, we think you’ll like our way of getting things done. 

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