Don’t Get Burned Working With Regs

Experience is your best (but not your favorite) teacher when it comes to navigating the ever narrow and potholed highway of federal, state, and local regulations that dictate just about everything from the way you wash your hands, to where you park your truck. You’ve zigged where you should have zagged, and now you’re in a ditch without a winch. Red tagged, oozing cash. Okay, you get it.

Permitting, inspections, safety compliance and surprise visits from officials make for an athletic game of whack-a-mole. Maybe you’ve got two opposing ordinances; a confounding Catch-22. Don’t let it break you. Instead, break it down.

Who, what and where dictate all your basic need-to-knows. They pretty much tell you everything you need to consider, and provide major clues pointing you where to look for answers to all your burning questions.

What are you building? –  Where are you building it? –  Who is it for?

Now, you’re ready to work the options below. Some will overlap.

(Hint: When one reg is more stringent than another, go with that one.)

  • Building and Facilities Code
  • EPA, including local and federal agencies
  • OSHA
  • Historic Preservation*

(*Ever hear of the Gault site near Austin? Archeologists discovered 16,000 year-old stone tools and human remains three feet beneath the soil, turning the theory of the continent’s first inhabitants on its head.)

One more question you should probably ask yourself: Who’s building? One reason Phoenix finishes projects on time (or ahead of schedule) is because we do a lot of construction. Keeping busy keeps us current on the changing regulatory landscape. Us being in the loop helps you avoid costly delays because you didn’t know about an update to, say, the International Fire Code. Remember, don’t get burned.

We’re industrial builders and we’re commercial builders but more importantly we’re leaders in both fields. Our building and excavation teams have your back from the time you break ground ‘til you’re open for business (and beyond).

Phoenix builds better and faster, and we keep it between the lines.

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