Phoenix is a Pretty Bird

Look, we don’t like to brag around here or anything, okay? Do we build metal buildings (even big, huge ones) faster than anyone in Texas? Yeah, sure. Our oil and gas construction, commercial construction, storage construction, and industrial construction games are all on point. But we don’t go around blabbing about it. Do we build those buildings at a lower cost than everyone else? From dirt work all the way to utilities? Guilty. But again, we aren’t ones to brag about it. And, yes, fine, Phoenix Construction buildings are also stronger and higher quality and than any other buildings in Texas. All of that no matter if they’re for oil and gas, storage, commercial, or industrial use.

But we don’t get all annoying about it. We just do our jobs and love doing it.

That said, allow us to indulge ourselves just this once.

The Phoenix Construction team happened to be over at the DUG Permian Conference this week and, as it turns out, we took home the conference’s biggest prize. Best in Show. The booth we put up — like our buildings (sorry, we’ll stop) — was bigger and better than everyone else’s.

So if you’re wondering whether or not we’re good at constructing things, I think y’all can rest easy knowing that, if we put this much effort into a booth, we’re probably pretty good at putting up your buildings.

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