Easter and the Greatest Servant of All

I tell people all of the time that if I could bottle the morale at Phoenix Construction, I would be the richest man in the world.

Recently, 16 men from the Bird flocked together to the Men’s ACTS retreat in Mountain Home, Texas, that was put on by St. Mary’s Church of Fredericksburg, Texas. There, many meaningful interactions occurred, stories were told, and unbelievable acts of love and kindness were shown. Hugs were shared, tears were shed, and relationships renewed.

This coupled with three women who went one month before and seven men before that to make 26 in the company that have attended this great retreat. The underlying premise being love: Love of God, love of neighbor, and developing a servant’s heart in the process.

The old adage, “It is better to give than to receive” certainly applies here. At Phoenix, we are a family, and families are here to serve. Serve the community, serve our customers, and serve one another.

In this Easter season, we should be mindful of the greatest servant of all, Jesus Christ. The washing of the feet, giving of his body and blood, and dying for ALL of humanity. Only to defy the grave and ascend into Heaven. This Easter, keep in mind that to ascend you have to descend, humble yourself and serve one another.

At Phoenix, He is at the heart of what we do and who we are. Our Core Values are inspired by His instruction, our Mission Statement spells it out, and our people…well, it is no coincidence we are such a cohesive unit. We have the best example of what true leadership is and the difference is that WE choose to follow Him.

The richest man in the world? Affirmative. Happy Easter to you and yours!

Kaleb Brewer is the Founder and Chairman of Phoenix Construction.

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