Oil and Gas Construction Staffing Shortages Don’t Bother Us

We're Built to Survive Staffing Shortages That Affect Oil and Gas Construction

You might have heard that oil and gas construction, metal building construction, and industrial construction have slowed due to staffing shortages across Texas.

Well, for other guys. We’re good.

Phoenix Construction uses the same crew for every job. It’s one of the reasons we finish building our metal buildings faster than… everybody, actually. There’s no time wasted hiring. No retraining. No first day of school introductions. And we don’t have to waste time forming cliques and figuring out who’s cool and who’s not. We already know. (Steve sucks.) We just show up and build with a team that’s done it before, a million times, together.

If you need an industrial construction company or an oil and gas construction company, your choice is pretty clear. You could hire a random firm that you’ll have to wait on to cobble together a crew so they can build your maintenance facilities, operations facilities, service facilities, etc., or you can call Phoenix Construction, and we’ll build whatever you need, faster than anyone else could, and you can get on with your work instead of explaining to your angry superiors why your job isn’t getting done.

I seems reasonable to think, “Hey staffing shortages happen. It’s a part of the business and the market.” Except that’s not a reasonable expectation when you really examine it, because it’s not part of the business if a construction company prepares for it. Apparently we’re the only ones? That’s probably not a good sign for everyone else.

So yeah, you might want to hire the company that doesn’t easily fall victim to preventable issues. Or not. Your call.

From Houston to San Antonio, from Dallas-Fort Worth to Odessa, in south Texas and beyond, we’ll build all over this state, with the fewest issues and inconveniences of anyone in industrial and commercial construction. Let our competitors get hired by your competitors and stress each other out. You and us can go do real work.

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