Service with a Smile Sets a Business Apart from Competition

If you’re as old as I am, you remember pulling in to a gas station where all they sold was gas, oil, wiper blades, or tires. After hearing the “ding, ding” as the car pulled in alongside the pump, a man with a big smile on his face greeted you, asking, “fill it up?”

While your car was being filled with regular or ethyl gasoline, this man pulled the greasy rag from his back pocket and began to check your oil levels, then cleaned your windshield, and checked the pressure in your tires. All at no charge. This was known as the full-service gas station. (Just ask your parents or grandparents — they’ll know what I’m talking about.)

This was also service with a smile. Today, many wonder, does it still exist? My answer is yes, absolutely. You see, customer service can be as complicated as getting a project completed in the oil and gas construction business — on time, on budget, with no hidden costs or extra headaches — or as simple as getting a taco order correct in the fast food business, while making the customer feel appreciated for choosing that particular restaurant (instead of going down the street).

After all, whether you sell tacos, own a hotel chain, or build 50,000-square-foot industrial buildings, you have competition. No matter what business you’re in, chances are, your competition offers a similar bill of goods as you.
So, what sets a business apart from competition?

It’s that magic phrase, customer service. Just ask Hilton Hotels (ranked first in overall customer service), or Chick-fil-A (they require employees greet every customer with, “welcome to Chick-fil-A,” and respond to a customer’s “thank you” with “it’s my pleasure”).

In the oil and gas construction business, as well as industrial and commercial, not all companies are created equal. That’s why the customer service offered by Phoenix Construction offers such a rare and valuable experience. Think of it: work delivered on time — and on budget — by friendly, competent people who know the business and take great pride in what they do. Working with people you can trust, who stand behind their work. They know they’re not the only construction company in town…just the best!

Competition makes us better at what we do. Wise managers know this and train their employees on how to make patrons feel better about their experiences. I know that the owner of that gas station I worked at as a 19-year-old trained me to always leave the customer happy that they stopped by to “fill it up” with me!

Be well.

Dave Cowley is the Senior VP of Investor/Public Relations at Phoenix Construction.

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