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Laying The Groundwork
Born in the oilfields of Southern Texas, Phoenix Construction specializes in industrial oil and gas development. Our core focus is the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings for production and maintenance facilities, chemical plant building, warehousing, and more.
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The Phoenix process gathers project requirements, including lease or purchase options, square footage, drive bays, office space, acreage, crane-rating, etc... then things start moving quickly.

Phoenix architects and engineers will deliver a concept drawing in 24 hours or less from the initial request.

All Phoenix builds are move-in ready within 70-120 days-depending on crane requirements.

Design-Build and Lease
Our design-build process includes leasing as an option. We can secure the land, build out the spaces, then lease out the structures in an effort to provide upfront cost savings to you. Structures we build include oil living quarters, treater buildings and compressor stations. If the industry requires it, we build it.
Phoenix is the go-to Texas construction company for fast and reliable industrial construction in the oil and gas industries across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado. Our mettle shows in the best steel fabrication available.
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