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We've built a name for ourselves through hard work, sweat, long days, and deadlines met. That should be "enough said" right there, but if you still need proof, check out what our previous clients have to say about work.
Altec Industries
Robert Fuemmeler
Real Estate Development Manager

Things really worked out great. We signed the contract back in late May, they were breaking dirt and putting up the building in June, and here we are today with a complete project. Some of the things that I think are important and we’re excited about are cost, quality, and delivery. The quality is exceptional. The delivery is fantastic. Being the Real Estate Development Manager with Altec Industries, I work on projects all over the country and one of my concerns was being able to manage a project like this from a distance. Guys like David Farmer and Kent Johnson just made my job really easy. The communication was phenomenal. They were always ahead of everything if there was a potential issue. They were ahead of the curve in letting me know what was going on. We threw several curve balls at them throughout the project and they picked everything up, hit a home run, and didn’t miss a beat. We finished the project on schedule and ahead of our budget so we’re really happy.


Konrad, I would personally like to thank you and Mike for the excellent service that we have received during the construction of our new facility. Never once was any issue that I had not taken care of with not only a sense of commitment to our satisfaction but with the great attitude also. This project is the second one for me and Phoenix Construction by far made it enjoyable. Thank You for everything you did and should you ever need a reference I will be there for you.


Overall the project went very smooth. Phoenix was able to finish the building a month ahead of schedule and they were extremely helpful with any additions and changes we made along the way. Any issue we encountered, Phoenix was very quick about getting it fixed and resolved. We mainly dealt with Kent, Barrett, and Ian. These guys were outstanding to work with. I can say that as a company we have built six new shops over the years and this was by far the easiest project to complete.


The process was pretty easy. We got our engineering structural plans and my team was able to go over those plans, make some short changes back and forth, and after that we were able to get those plans back out to the Phoenix Construction team which was able to turn them around really quickly. After that it was all construction and here we are, May 24th, ahead of schedule. The level of service that Phoenix provided was impeccable. Phoenix was top-notch at the game. I liked how the floors with the stained concrete turned out and I love the metal stairs. Everyone else does wood stairs and I was very impressed that they busted out metal stairs with a landing. Instead of having people spend money on hotel rooms, we took the extra space above the office and just built out a three bedroom apartment with three baths, a full kitchen, and a living room. This wasn’t a standard in the plans but was requested after, Phoenix made the changes, and delivered the finished product. I am happy with the finished product.