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Client Testimonials | Why They Love Us | Phoenix Construction Nationwide
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The Bird is The Word
We‘ve built a name for ourselves through hard work, sweat, long days, and deadlines met. That should be “enough said” right there, but if you still need proof, check out what our previous clients have to say about our work.
Terry Frith

My name is Terry Frith, President of Gordon Technologies. Gordon Technologies is a service company that combines technology with providing a service to oil companies directly, as well as a few other directional companies specific. Gordon Technologies is the number 1 provider for MWD technology for shell play drilling. We specifically built a tool that's more advanced than other tools on the market. We continue to advance the technology and right now we have 13% of the US market.

Phoenix has done a fantastic job at meeting the timetable at which Gordon needed the new building. From the beginning, inception, the drawings, proofing; Phoenix has been very good. They met all the time tables, we were ready to move in. The facility is a repair and maintenance facility for down-hole electronics, ultimately MWD systems, and we have to have a controlled environment for that. So the specifications for this building are meant to maintain a temperature of 72 degrees at which the electronics can be serviced without exposing it to humidity which then becomes moisture. So, when Gordon Technologies first started to expand we- we shopped around to look for a good supplier a company that would build a product for us from scratch to meet our demands and after shopping around, Phoenix appeared to be much better than anyone else.

CBS Rentals
Wayne Gill
Branch Manager

My name is Wayne Gill. I work for CBS Rentals; I’m the facilities director. CBS Rentals has been in business for approximately 50 years. We’ve got stores throughout Texas in Houston, Dallas, East Dallas, Tyler, Longview, San Antonio, Austin, and this store in Odessa. We’ve got a lot of customers out here that have moved out here and are doing business and we’re just servicing our customers as well as new business. It’s a facility so we can move our equipment out here, so we can repair our equipment and deliver equipment out of here. It went real well from the beginning process. From start to finish it went real good. We stayed on schedule the whole time… we were actually a little ahead of schedule for a while. Towards the end we finished right on time. The team of Phoenix and Ulysses our superintendent on the job, you know, we communicated with him daily and if we had any issues he took care of them promptly. Anything that came up, they were always here to take care of issues we had.

Kevin McDonald
Asset Manager

My name is Kevin McDonald. I’m the Permian Asset Manager for a company named Danos. I’ve been with the company four years now, well into my fourth year. We are a multi-service line oilfield company. We provide contract labor, roustabout services, construction services… we have a full product line of services we provide. We’re hoping to establish our footprint even more firmly here in the Permian. We’ve been out here since 2012 and we’ve grown exponentially, and we continue to experience growth. It was roughly about a 95-day process from groundbreaking to where we’re at today. It was just a smooth process overall. Really, everybody was a pleasure to work with—super friendly, very, very welcoming. Truly a good experience. I think it’s great; I think the quality is better than what we actually expected. And the whole process was much, much smoother than we expected.

Custom Truck One Source
Chad McClendon
General Manager

I’m Chad McClendon of Custom Truck One Source. I’m the General Manager in Odessa ,Texas. I’ve been with the company for 2 years presently and was in the oil field for about 12 years. I came to Odessa to run CTE which is now Custom Truck One Source. We’re in the service department. We also rent everything from bucket trucks to diggers to dump trucks—anything trucks. And we also do cranes as well. Mainly power line stuff for the industries. What we do is we sell, lease, and service. I was working with David Farmer, and it went really, really smooth. Went back and forth with our corporate and those guys there that worked with us… it went really well. It was a very smooth process. Any issues that we ever had or questions, it was just a phone call and they worked with us. Let us give us some insight into the building. It was the first one we’d ever done out here, so we actually asked more questions than they were probably used to. Most of which, I’d start the sentence with “Got a dumb question.” But they took care of us pretty quick and still do to this point. If we’ve got any issues or we bring up anything, somebody’s out here within the day, so it’s been pretty smooth.

Kenneth Preston
President of US Wireline

My name is Kenneth Preston. I am with Nine Energy Service. I am over the Wireline section of the business. The building that you see behind me, the open space, this is the actual Wireline facility. This facility is strictly Wireline and all of the staff members that it takes to run the organization and run this sector are going to be right here in this building. So in 2018, our organization actually went public, we IPO'd in January. In April of 2018, I was part of the actual process of going to the New York Stock Exchange and ringing the bell. So it was a pretty unique experience for myself along with the other business leaders; we were all originally the entrepreneurs that started each of the sectors of business that we have in this organization. It was just a great representation for us to go up there and do that and show what a great company we are and all the great employees that we have that make us who we are. Phoenix has been great; Jeff Hudson has been great to work with, very easy to work with. Anything that I've needed to address with him, he's gotten back with me very promptly. Any issues that we've had to work through, he's been easy to deal with. Conrad, one of the foremen that I've met that's over the actual construction project, has been great. I can't say enough about how easy they've been to work with or how good they've been.

Shawn Sharp
West Texas and International Manager

I am with Texas International Oilfield Tools. My name is Shawn Sharp and I am the West Texas and International Manager and I'll be opening this facility and have it up and running and hopefully be a great success. The project started about 4 months ago. The speed and communication that we had with the project manager went well. So they started right at the beginning of October and now we are closing in on December. Overall the building looks nice and has everything in it that we asked for. The shop will start with just housing rental tools, and new tools purchased. We will move into a repair shop towards 3 or 4 months into the building. We will be moving machines to cut metal and welders and pull test beds that way we can do recertifications and repairs for all the equipment that we are servicing.

First time to work with them it seems they were open with how things were going and with what maybe wasn't going so well so we appreciated that as well. So far we have had a good relationship and I'm happy with the product that we have seen so far.

Altec Industries
Robert Fuemmeler
Real Estate Development Manager

Things really worked out great. We signed the contract back in late May, they were breaking dirt and putting up the building in June, and here we are today with a complete project. Some of the things that I think are important and we’re excited about are cost, quality, and delivery. The quality is exceptional. The delivery is fantastic. Being the Real Estate Development Manager with Altec Industries, I work on projects all over the country and one of my concerns was being able to manage a project like this from a distance. Guys like David Farmer and Kent Johnson just made my job really easy. The communication was phenomenal. They were always ahead of everything if there was a potential issue. They were ahead of the curve in letting me know what was going on. We threw several curve balls at them throughout the project and they picked everything up, hit a home run, and didn’t miss a beat. We finished the project on schedule and ahead of our budget so we’re really happy.


Konrad, I would personally like to thank you and Mike for the excellent service that we have received during the construction of our new facility. Never once was any issue that I had not taken care of with not only a sense of commitment to our satisfaction but with the great attitude also. This project is the second one for me and Phoenix Construction by far made it enjoyable. Thank You for everything you did and should you ever need a reference I will be there for you.


Overall the project went very smooth. Phoenix was able to finish the building a month ahead of schedule and they were extremely helpful with any additions and changes we made along the way. Any issue we encountered, Phoenix was very quick about getting it fixed and resolved. We mainly dealt with Kent, Barrett, and Ian. These guys were outstanding to work with. I can say that as a company we have built six new shops over the years and this was by far the easiest project to complete.

The process was pretty easy. We got our engineering structural plans and my team was able to go over those plans, make some short changes back and forth, and after that we were able to get those plans back out to the Phoenix Construction team which was able to turn them around really quickly. After that it was all construction and here we are, May 24th, ahead of schedule. The level of service that Phoenix provided was impeccable. Phoenix was top-notch at the game. I liked how the floors with the stained concrete turned out and I love the metal stairs. Everyone else does wood stairs and I was very impressed that they busted out metal stairs with a landing. Instead of having people spend money on hotel rooms, we took the extra space above the office and just built out a three bedroom apartment with three baths, a full kitchen, and a living room. This wasn’t a standard in the plans but was requested after, Phoenix made the changes, and delivered the finished product. I am happy with the finished product.

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