The Best Damn Metal Buildings In Texas, Bar None

As a business owner, when you’ve decided you’re ready to invest in new metal buildings, you have understandably high standards. You want the right product and you want timely delivery. So do we.

To be frank, we have as much interest in wasting your time and money as you do with us: exactly zero.

Phoenix Construction’s industrial and commercial clients have come to depend on (and expect) only the best. We deliver it daily. No excuses, no exceptions. We know time is money and there are times you need your metal structures yesterday. We work quickly and efficiently from concept to crew. Our site managers implement work schedules and coordinate contractors and materials, ensuring top quality and timely completion. Hey, we’re a business too so we understand the tremendous importance of being up and running on time so you can start making money as fast as possible.

Phoenix Construction diligently works with and guides you through proper planning and cost estimates up-front, ensuring that your metal building is not only designed specifically to suit your needs, but is also constructed on time and on budget. From prefab structures, wineries, and hobby barns to medical offices, luxury homes and specialty retail structures, we deliver exactly what you need with exceptional quality, on time. Simply put, no one (and we mean no one) has the same stringent standards for steel buildings anywhere in Texas as Phoenix Construction.

Specializing in turnkey metal construction throughout the state of Texas, including developing leased buildings around the DFW Metroplex, Phoenix Construction provides unmatched service from San Antonio to Odessa. We are Texans through and through. Our firm was conceived and launched in the oilfields of south Texas and is headquartered in Fredericksburg. It should come as no surprise, then, that we also serve the leading oil and gas companies. We’ve got the experience. We’ve got the expertise. We’ve got the track record. We’ve got your back.

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