The Illusion of Control

Chairman. The word doesn’t even make sense. Chair-man. So why would you want to be one when being “in-control” is so much sexier? And speaking of control, we have all drank the kool-aid at one time or another regarding this toxic drink. Oh yes, Mr. Machismo. I’m talking to you. It’s funny that in this particular case, with Phoenix Construction, I relinquished control of precisely the thing that I fully recognized I was never in control of to begin with. Go with me on this.

I have said for years that I have the ultimate chess player in my corner, and He guides my moves. Win, lose or draw He is ultimately in control. So back to that notion of control…recently I surrendered my title of President & CEO of my commercial construction services company in Texas in exchange for that of Chairman. In essence, I relinquished “control” of something that I never had “control” of in the first place. Should be easy right? Wrong. Construction management can at times be an emotional rollercoaster. Spending weeks making myself sick over giving up something that I never had was, well physically exhausting.

That to me is hilarious my friend. Three months later, I realize that I had traded a spotted pony with a cowboy hat (me), for Secretariat (my new CEO). Amazing what happens when you give up the illusion of “control”.

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