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If you’re a commercial or industrial real estate broker, you know that time is not always money. You’ve cultivated a long-haul perspective associated with design builds; an understanding of the known-knowns, and the known-unknowns. But, even the most reasonable expectations can be dashed by, say, a pipe stuck in the ground that won’t budge, or the wrong materials being delivered, and (mostly) installed. You begin to have thoughts of the sort that keep you up at night. Will the client understand the delay? Is this deal in jeopardy? Will we be paid before the return of Halley’s comet in 2062?

Owners, investors and tenants are among those waiting to exhale while architects, builders and subs seem to take one step forward, and two steps back in a confounding ritualistic dance.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We work smarter and faster with a well-oiled crew that knows how to choreograph their moves. As a result, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering projects on time, or ahead-of-schedule, with quality that is never compromised for the sake of speed. We team with the best architects and engineers in the industry for outcomes that have earned us recognition as one of the leading industrial and commercial builders in Texas.

We cut our teeth on metal construction in the Texas oil fields with a focus on exponentially durable metal buildings. But, our repertoire doesn’t end there. In addition to industrial builds, we’re equipped to handle retail, restaurant, medical and more, including customized fabrications like the production room we built for an 1851 winery. Don’t be fooled by our steely façades. We also have a softer side that lends itself to everything from a five-star dining destination, to a showcase for designer duds.

We’re ready to break dirt on your next project.

Find Phoenix Construction, and Phoenix Excavation in Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth and throughout Texas.

What we do, and where we do it.

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