What Will They Say About You?

I’ve been watching (along with most of the rest of the country) the continuing coverage of the death of former President George Herbert Walker Bush. I can’t say that I paid that much attention while he was Commander-in-Chief, but I’m impressed with the outpouring of love and respect that those who knew him personally are sharing. Not just those who knew him, but people who briefly met him or crossed paths with him. Both Republicans and Democrats came to agreement on several key aspects of his life: his honesty, his compassion for others, and his overall integrity as a human being.

Wow, to have Bill Clinton, the man who defeated him in the election of 1992, say, “I loved George Bush, and I consider his friendship one of the great gifts in my life.”

This note by outgoing President Bush to incoming President Clinton is an artifact of political humility.

What Will They Say About You? | Texas Construction Company | Phoenix Construction

It’s one thing to have family members give high praise when looking back on your life, and those who worked closely with you. But to have almost almost everyone who encountered you call you out as a great person is quite another. I’ve heard it repeatedly since his death: George H.W. Bush treated others the way he would want to be treated. Now, there’s a novel idea!

That got me thinking, “So what will they say about me when I’m gone?”

Integrity is defined as, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” Will my children say I was the greatest man they’ve ever known? How about the people I work with? What about you? If you own a business, would your employees sing your praises behind your back? Would customers speak highly of your dedication to treating them with honesty and courtesy?

Integrity is not a word used much in the construction business, but Phoenix Construction is the exception. Founder Kaleb Brewer talks about treating everyone with respect and having a “servant’s heart” when dealing with others. This attitude translates to all who work with him, making Phoenix Construction the best in the business. Our word is our bond.

As former President George H.W. Bush is laid to rest, let’s take the time to remember and reflect on how we too can leave a legacy that all who knew us, or crossed our path in life, will remember.

Be well.

Dave Cowley is the Senior VP of Investor/Public Relations at Phoenix Construction.

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